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Listen to IA Radio #6: New Music + Promos Mixed by Antepop

Our 6th radio show on bloop aired last Sunday 1st June. It featured a two hour mix of some of our favourite tracks sent to Inverted Audio over the past month. The show was mixed together by  aka IA editor-in-chief Tom Durston.

The show starts off slow with the piano based music of Douglas Dare and the jazz infused electronica of Greiner & Archie Pelago plus the cathedral like atmospherics of Moon Zero. It then builds up with music from DAMH, Stimming and Julius Steinhoff enabling the mix to get darker with new 4/4 plates from Benjamin Damage, Radio Slave, Answer Code Request and Gunnar Haslam’s excellent remix of Factory Floor‘s ‘How You Say‘.

If you’d like to contact us about getting your music featured on the show email



1. Douglas Dare ‘Nile’ [Erased Tapes]
2. Greiner + Archie Pelago ‘Octavia’ [Melodic Records]
3. Glitterbug ‘47th Floor’ [NOTOWN]
4. Sons Of Magdalene ‘Unfortunate Phone Call’ [Audraglint]
5. Moon Zero ‘Endless Palms’ [Denovali Records]
6. Hannes Rasmus ‘Die Rache Der Grummienten’ [Traum]
7. DAMH ‘Hansi’ [Kompakt]
8. Stimming ‘Southern Sun (Feat. Piper Davis) [Pampa Records]
9. Julius Steinhoff ‘Flocking Behaviour’ [Smallville Records]
10. Coni ‘My Secret Diving’ [ClekClekBoom]
11. Benjamin Damage ‘Up’ [50 Weapons]
12. Radio Slave ‘Jus Werk’ [Work Them]
13. Mosca ‘Vinny (Flamingo)’ [Not So Much]
14. Answer Code Request ‘Status’ [Ostgut Ton]
15. Nummer ‘Ethereality’ [Peur Bleue Records]
16. M.E.S.H ‘Imperialsewers’ [PAN]
17. Answer Code Request ‘Spin Off’ [Ostgut Ton]
28. Plaid ‘Ropen’ [Warp Records]
20. Christian Loffler ‘Beirut’ [Ki Records]
21. DAMH ‘Black Night (Matt Karmil Remix)’ [Kompakt]
22. Hannes Rasmus ‘Eine Leichete Brise Weht’ [Traum]
23. Factory Floor ‘How You Say (Gunnar Haslam Remix)’ [DFA Records]
24. Josh Humphris ‘Infinity Loop’[Indigo Soul]