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Marcel Dettmann lines up ‘Fear Of Programming’ LP on Dekmantel

Following a compilation for the Selectors series in 2017, German producer Marcel Dettmann lines up his next studio album on Dekmantel.

Consisting of 13 tracks, ‘Fear Of Programming‘ is said to reflect “a period in which Dettmann was able to immerse himself in studio practice and set the intention to record an album’s worth of material every single day.” Resulting in a variety of musical textures including “ambient sojourns, beatless epics, angular electronica and floor-friendly workouts.” The LP also features a vocal collaboration with Ryan Elliott.

Highlights from the album include ‘Suffice To Predict’, ‘Pxls‘, jangly electro from ‘Picture 2020‘ and an abstract permutation named ‘Selective Dissolution‘. Listen to ‘Water (Feat. Ryan Elliott)‘ via the player below.

Fear Of Programming is scheduled for release 25 November. Order a copy from Dekmantel

Photo by Sven Marquardt


A1. Coral
A2. Suffice To Predict
A3. Renewal Theory
A4. Transport
B1. Water (Feat. Ryan Elliott)
B2. Pxls
B3. Reverse Dreams
C1. x12
C2. (Batteries Not Included)
C3. Picture 2020
D1. Selective Dissolution
D2. Tone
D3. Fear Of Programming