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It’s no mystery Berceuse Heroique has been one of our favourite labels for some time now (just take a look at their label profile). For the past half-decade the label run by the enigmatic yet productive KEMAA – also known as Giz – has been embracing an increasingly broad palette of sounds, shattering the mono-directional, sometimes insular approach of niche labels to explore the peripheric areas of house and techno but also dubstep, disco, drone, jungle, jazz, hardcore and further extensive audio fields.

From Hodge, Japan Blues and Interstellar Funk through Don’t DJ, Mori Ra and Mark Forshaw onto Vereker, Loefah and Legowelt under his Smackos alias, Berceuse Heroique hasn’t ceased to impress us, steadily working at leaving a truly unique and durable mark in the ever-changing, hype-enslaved landscape of contemporary dance music and beyond.

Genuinely as musically open-minded as his catalogue proves to be, KEMAA provided us with a proper addictive two-hour mix that spans all things techno, electro, house and obviously much more than any regular club mix could encompass. No interview supplied this time – sometimes it’s better to live by the word of Proust, “Real art doesn’t require proclamations, it is accomplished in silence“. We hope you’ll enjoy this variegated floor-oriented mix as much as we do.

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