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Nathan Melja joins Technicolour with ‘No No No’ EP

Following up to a couple lauded outings on Brooklyn’s finest Mister Saturday Night and another finesse drop on Stephen Bishop’s Black Opal, a hot new four-track EP from the Parisian producer Nathan Melja is about to hit the streets. ‘No No No‘ EP is planned for landing on May 13th via Ninja Tune’s singles-dedicated outlet Technicolour.

True to his signature blend of breezy tape-saturated house and dynamic floor-magnets, Melja aligns yet another compelling collection of strictly club-aimed weapons. Working a propulsive, bass-driven swing right in the vein of ‘Steady Mobbin‘, you can now stream the addictive title-track ‘No No No‘ in full on Soundcloud.

No No No EP is released via Technicolour on May 13th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.

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1. Dreal 2
2. Sentro
3. No No No
4. Gold Rings

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