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Terraforma (Milan) reveal lineup – Donato Dozzy, Biosphere, Lee Gamble

As more festivals related to electronic music open up in Italy, there is one above all that clearly brings something different to the scene, since its first edition in 2014: Terraforma.

What make Terraforma different is that it doesn’t just focus on the dance experience, but presents three-days made up of talks, workshops, performances, meditation sessions and bespoke audio-visual installations, all housed within the park of Villa Arconati, an 18th Century Baroque villa in the neighbourhood of Milan.


A strong component of the festival is sustainability, in fact ‘terraforming’ is the theoretical process in which life on planet becomes possible through the creation of an atmosphere. Terraforma aims to recreate a perfectly balanced ecosystem in which all the dimensions are mingled and music is the catalyst to this 360° sensorial experience, encouraging respect towards the surrounding environment and others.

This years edition of the festival, taking place between 1-3 July 2016, will enhance the sustainability side by restore a labyrinth within the grounds. Discovered by the team, thanks to the original site map of Villa Arconati, which will be completed over the next three years.


Music, which is the core of this terraforming process, will be well-represented this year. Performances so far range from local artist and international legend Donato Dozzy, who recently started his own label with Nuel “Spazio Disponibile”. Visual artist and musician Francesco Cavaliere, Healing Force Project and Paquita Gordon will all perform as well.

On the international side: eclectic producer Charlemagne Palestine will perform, strongly influenced by his studies of traditional cultures and shamanic rites, Palestine is considered as one of the leading artists of minimal pianism. Lee Gamble and dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood, co-founder of Pressure Sounds also play. Finally Biosphere coming straight from the Ice Age complete the lineup…for now (more to be announced).

The Terraforma artwork was made by Tommaso Garner e Daniel Sansavini of 2015.vision studio, the main idea behind the series of images is to establish a dialogue between pictures taken from different distances (micro/macro).

The concept video, which you can stream below, was realised by Dimitra Louana Marlanti, focusing on the manipulation of the landscape, sounds and material. Diamorphose represents the transformation of something into something different: terraforming is an inner and outside process.

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For more information about Terraforma + Tickets check out their website.