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Nuel collates twelve of his finest loops

Italian Techno artist Nuel, otherwise known as Manuel Fogliata, has fired out an arsenal of his favourite loops onto his Bandcamp page. The science behind a quality loop is a fine art, with artists such as Stephan Laubner demonstrating how to achieve a great deal with very little.

Throwing his hat into the ring, Manuel’s loops are of top calibre, demonstrating a breadth of range and movement that some find incredibly difficult to encapsulate in eight minuted, let alone a snapshot. Speaking to us about the loops, Fogliata had the following to say.

“This material was written for a live set in 2014, but soon it became my techno gym where I could practice. What really catches me about the loop mode is how the brain starts to focus on one element at the time, leaving space for the fantastic instead of boredom. I did that thinking about the freedom that a digital setup gives to a performer. The goal was to provide not only something fun to play with, but also to tweak, or just for adding some colour, a toolkit of static resources for creating the dynamic.”

Cutting his teeth across a stunning set of releases on Aquaplano, Manuel has recently been found gracing the catalogue of Kontra-Musik and Konstrukt. It feels like the journeyed and experienced producer is on the cusp of something special and 2018 may very well be one to look forward to.

Nuel’s ‘Toolkit’ is available to download now from Bandcamp.


1. Alabama Crimson
2. Spiro Disco Ball
3. Telemagenta
4. Banana Mania
5. Cyber Grape
6. Sienna
7. Fandango
8. Rosso Corsa
9. Popstar
10. Princess Perfume
11. Amber
12. Space Cadet

Learn more about Nuel on Inverted Audio.