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Premiere: Diurnal Burdens & Matt Akins – Approximating Worry

Courier, a label based out of rural Suffolk in England, deliver a ‘Idle Magnetism‘, a four-track release of warped electronics and melted tape experimentations from Diurnal Burdens and Matt Akins.

Borne from a longstanding knowledge and respect for the other’s music, the pair create a winding narrative together, sharing in the pair’s fascination with tape loops and the frailty of the medium. Long, often anxiety-inducing experimentations are the name of the game here, each piece showing an awareness of frequencies and the effect on the listener.

Approximating Worry‘ closes proceedings, with the title perhaps serving as a loose definition of the anxiety it might well inflict. Long, pregnant pauses are broken by rustling electronics and rolling cymbals, layered in a sound-sollage that gradually builds and relaxes, morphing through rough, disorienting frequencies and ghostly apparitions of sound.

‘Idle Magnetism’ is scheduled for release 10 May via Courier Sound. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Arch Subtext
2. Sudden Avulsion
3. Avid Rotations
4. Approximating Worry