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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with Genot Centre

On Thursday 29 April we were joined by tape imprint Genot Centre for the third edition of our monthly residency on Prague’s Radio Punctum.

Genot Centre are a highly respected label from the city, with a finger on the pulse of modern and post-ambient music. Having recently having celebrated their 6th birthday, it was our pleasure to invite them onto the show to share some music from their catalogue, and some music which inspires them to find more of the futuristic sounds for which they are known.

Show host Freddie Hudson discussed the label’s origins with Genot’s Wim and Ondřej, their ideology when it comes to their releases, and also shared some recently released music from Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles, Canila, 3HDSafxri and BoogzBrown.

Tune into our next Radio Punctum broadcast on 27 May (19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT)


1. Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles – Sterling Silver Draped Across Their Necks [Eastern Nurseries]
2. Percival Pembroke – Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 [Genot Centre]
3. Sofia Loizou – Silver Nemesis [Kathexis]
4. Canilla – Footbridge [Street Pulse Records]
5. HDMIRROR – TOTAL [Genot Centre]
6. Giant Claw – Soft Channel 008 [Orange Milk Records]
7. 3HDSafxri – Bots Adore This Fragment! [Exiles Electronics]
8. BoogzBrown – Fleurs [InFiné]
9. Ten Hyphen Twenty – Good News [Genot Centre]
10. QOW – Malama [Genot Centre]
11. Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina – 12.30pm [Permalnk]