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Premiere: Forest Drive West – Block Nine (Konduku Remix)

Midgar Records have long been firm favourites here at Inverted Audio thanks to their impeccable ear for deeper strains of techno which still have the capacity to carry a dancefloor high into the atmosphere, with a swathe of releases from the likes of Wata Igarashi, Natural/Electronic.System and Ruhig.

On their latest plate, Midgar take a backwards glance at 2019’s ‘They Live‘ EP from Forest Drive West, gathering a remix of each track from high-calibre producers from the label’s inner circle and periphery. Wata Igarashi and Konduku’s remixes divide the A-side for deep techno with flavours of dub and dancefloor psychedelia, whilst Felix K and Pessimist twist the final two tracks into tough-as-nails minimal steppers with bags of character.

Konduku’s spin on ‘Block Nine‘ opens up like musical drips in a cavern punched into some organic arpeggiator, a constant background motif throughout the track. As organic surges of bass punch through the system, balanced and minimalistic, the song’s chief impetus is born through just these two elements, with metallic drumbeats augmenting the pulsing groove.

The full appreciation of the final refrains is almost entirely reserved for those who’ve listened the whole way through; all patience is more than rewarded with heaven-grade angelic electronics which see the track out.

‘They Live Remixes’ is scheduled for release 9 March via Midgar Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp


A1. Phosphenes (Wata igarashi Pressure Remix)
A2. Block Nine (Konduku Remix)
B1. Ricochet (Felix K Reinterpretation)
B2. They Live (Pessimist Remix)