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Premiere: Giraffe – Climate (Marco Shuttle’s Moody Samba Treatment)

After long sticking to the short format as their basic recipe, Hamburg-based project Giraffe step up with a much distinct approach for their debut outing on Berlin’s Marmo Music, after a debut album on Meakusma earlier this year. Offering up a pair of extended cinematic excursions that hover at the ten-minute and over mark, Charly Schöppner, Sasha Demand and newly-integrated member Juergen Hall fully embrace the long-haul formula, giving themselves the leisure of exploring further into a wide-spanning instrumental palette and wealth of textural overlays.

The background of Schöppner and Demand as composers and authors of soundtracks definitely shows on this aptly-named ‘Climate‘ EP, weaving deep, vivid sceneries with tense, jazz-imbued plot twists away from normative frameworks. Adding his personal touch on the flip side, Eerie head honcho Marco Shuttle delivers an arresting remix melding polyrhythmic tribal drums, lithe synth modulations and outer-spacey echoes, all sieved through a marvel of fine-tuned sound design. Deep, mind-expanding vibrations bridging the gap between the Namib and Alpha Centauri.

Climate EP is scheduled for release on 6th November 2017. The 12″ version also includes a digital download code. Order a copy from Marmo Music.


A1. Climate 1
A2. Climate 2
B. Climate (Marco Shuttle’s Moody Samba Treatment)

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