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Premiere: Igor Dyachenko – Object (feat. Nikolay Kozlov)

Two years in the making, Igor Dyachenko’sObjects‘ — the solo and self-released follow-up to the superb collaborative album ‘Ecosystem‘  — sees the musician take an eagle-eyed approach to sound design-based ambient music.

Within ‘Ecosystems‘, Dyachenko’s collaboration with Dessin Bizarre, the music was widescreen, and indebted to the grand scale of nature: tracks like ‘Thunderstorm‘ gave an emulation of watching the landscape change over centuries in a few minutes. On ‘Objects‘, the artist changes tack, whittling microscopic sounds and modular stutters into sharpened, over-focussed pulses of sound, crystalline and translucent.

Collaboration remains a significant element of the release, with known-names of the Russian ambient music scene appearing on several tracks. Nikolay Kozlov (aka ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ), last heard, also with Dyachenko, on Gost Zvuk’sSTOP THE WAR‘ Ukrainian benefit compilation, joins on ‘Object‘, a magical mood instilled into a four-minute passage of music.

The “micro-” is the theme of the release as a whole, and between Dyachenko’s extended practices in uncovering the beauty in the often-ignored infinitesimal through his sound design and Kozlov’s woozy ambient ‘scapes, a spell is woven, a magnified moment that stretches four minutes to an hour of peace and serenity, a premium cut on an album showing an artist stepping confidently forwards in his craft.

‘Objects’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Phase
2. Object (feat. Nikolay Kozlov)
3. timeStretch
4. fused platters
5. Impulse 3
6. data mines
7. Invert (feat. Dessin Bizarre)
8. p-morph
9. end of score