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Premiere: Isabella – Penchant Disenchant

Boston-based composer and producer Isabella debuted in 2016 with a nine-track collection of caustic hardware-based techno via Jacktone Records. Since then, she’s established a presence as an expert producer of raw, experimental sounds that swim in the murky waters of techno, acid and noise music, releasing a second cassette for Embalming Lately and contributing to the hotly-tipped Discwoman compilation ‘Physically Sick‘.

Isabella initially linked up with fellow experimentalist Peder Mannerfelt for the recent compilation “PM V/A Vol. 1”, offering up brutalist onslaught ‘Ominate’ as the record’s opener. Mannerfelt was clearly impressed, inviting her into the fold for a full EP due out September 14th. ‘Whistle’ is a five-part exhibition of her considerable talents, ranging from ambient impressionism to murderous 150bpm techno.

We’re excited to present a premiere of the record’s A2, a head-spinning banger that’ll likely have your nose bleeding and your eyes rolling back in your head. Built like a brick shit house from corroded textures and defaced drum samples, it’s a beautifully flawed piece of aberrant techno that’ll leave dance floors incapacitated.

Whistle EP is scheduled for release 14th September 2018 via Peder Mannerfelt Produktion.


A1. Dicey Takes Its Form
A2. Penchant Disenchant B1. Vain
B2. I Could Get You
B3. Residual

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