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Premiere: LDY OSC – ILYI

Following up to a first appearance on The Bunker New York’s dependable series and a most excellent long-player with Artefactos De Dolor, Texas-born Vienna-based producer Alyssa Barrera, alias LDY OSC, resurfaces this fall with her debut solo mini-album, ‘sōt‘, forthcoming on Sweden’s finest Kontra-Musik.

A much haunting listen, ‘sōt‘ (old English term for soot) makes for a rivetingly deep and finely sculpted piece of murky atmospherics. Swathed in bleak, verbed-out textural folds but not quite giving in to the trendy artificial gloom of our anxiety-prone era for all that, LDY OSC’s approach to ambience-scaping is as subtle in its processing finesse as it proves rich in details and acute arrangements.

Our pick ‘ILYI‘ clearly epitomises such qualities. Submerging us within a spacious post-apocalyptic kind of scenario from head to toe, Alyssa demonstrates the breadth of her talents as a sound designer. As we drift across typical late night dubby landscapes a la Basic Channel, swashes of delayed bass and slo-scudding pads lull us up to higher levels of consciousness. Understated dub techno wonder.

‘sōt’ is scheduled for release 14 October 2019 via Kontra-Musik. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A2 Pulsar
A3 223377
B1 Lambdoma Chamber
B2 sōt
B3 Uéchant

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