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Premiere: Low Khey – Click Of Death

Comic Sans Records buttress their sadly limited wax offerings with a hefty plate from Low Khey, sitting comfortably alongside the label’s outstanding left-of-centre material.

The Lyon-based label’s disdain for the austere and serious is back to regular levels after the somewhat wistful ambient release from Netsh, and as much as we loved that slight detour into deeper, more soulful sounds, we’re happy the label is back at what it does best — twisted bass music with a healthy pinch of fun thrown in.

Never Trust A Cyborg‘ stretches the imagination towards malevolent robotics and morphing dance music. Warped extracts sitting at circa 100 BPM, all the tracks therein are jumpy cybernetic slices of material that’ll worm their way into your sets as smoothly as they find their way into your mind’s internal playlist.

Click Of Death‘ is an early killer track in the release; sub-straining basslines keep robotic drums in fluid motion throughout their four-minute strut, letting up only briefly, and only then to soak the listener in over-processed vocals, inna dub FX style. Thick and groovy throughout, Low Khey’s entered into the Comic Sans Records’ Hall of Fame with this album.

‘Never Trust A Cyborg’ is scheduled for release 15 January via Comic Sans. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Never Trust A Cyborg
2. Control X
3. Huta Vibz
4. Click Of Death
5. Proteus
6. Homos Festivus
7. Cyborgs Faking Emotions
8. Ying Yang
9. Avaton Anomias
10. Mauvaises Herbes