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Premiere: Mikael Tobias – Treaty (feat. Crush String Collective)

Today, Copenhagen-based producer Mikael Tobias delivers his third solo effort ‘As Breath‘ on Scandinavian imprint Barkhausen with eight avant-garde ballads displaying an evocative sonic framework for crossing the Nyhavn’s harbor.

In the wake of groundwork research about physical and emotional resonance and composing for the film documentary Memory Is Our Homeland – ‘As Breath’ provides a cinematic experience for audiophile freaks on the hunt for noise meditation, ancestral ambient, organic techno and neoclassical symphony.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Treaty‘ – a relentless humming lullaby enhanced by a wide range of string melodies conducted by Crush String Collective and subindustrial field recordings. Surely, the track is an exquisite introduction to the art of sound breathing.

‘As Breath’ is scheduled for release on 24th November via Barkhausen Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Treaty (feat. Crush String Collective)
2. Early Reflections
3. Etched Out
4. To Dwell Among Them (feat. Crush String Collective)
5. Forgotten Rituals (feat. Crush String Collective)
6. Rendered Material
7. Etched In (feat. Crush String Collective)
8. Vestiges (feat. Crush String Collective)