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Premiere: Plebeian – Tannins

Eternal Ocean, the label set up by Planet Euphorique-released genre hybridist Ronan, broadens its artist roster with a new 4-track EP from New York-based producer and audio engineer Plebeian, entitled ‘Tannins‘.

Across the EP, Plebeian seems to explore the universe from the micro- to the macro-level, starting with ‘Enzymes‘, and escalating to ‘Quantum‘, shuffling along with a gait not dissimilar to that of certain recent Livity Sound releases — softly psychedelic, with a focus on percussive movement and direct attitude perfect for shifting dancefloors.

The journeying in the track titles is translated into the sonic architecture, too: each track reverberates with the pulse of a living thing, that percussive beat drawing the listener across rises and falls in the rhythm, syncopation driving the feet onwards as much as the synths and bass.

Tannins‘ is the perfect example. Tactile drum programming is the main source of rhythm and movement here, fine-tuned metallic percussion carrying the listener into an onset of dreamy, mystic synths, the sound seemingly poached and reformed from an elusive wind instrument. A heavy ritualistic sound surrounds the track, demanding attention for the duration of the runtime.

‘Tannins’ is scheduled for release 17 September via Eternal Ocean. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Enzymes
2. Tannins
3. Neutrinos
4. Quantum