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Premiere: Seiichiro Itoyama – Burn Burn Burn

Touching on ambient, noise and techno, the fourth release on Seiichiro Itoyama’s Liminal imprint provides a nice summary of the producer’s musical interests. There’s some fruitful cross pollination between styles on ‘Evaporated Emotion’, each of the three tracks nodding to their neighbours and beyond.

This year, Seiichiro Itoyama established Liminal as an outlet for his own productions. ‘Evaporated Emotion’ is already the fourth EP that Itoyama has released in 2021, a fact that perhaps underscores the necessity of the label’s creation.

Our pick from this batch of murky techno and noise experiments is ‘Burn Burn Burn’. Describing the track, Itoyama explains the track is reflective of his personal taste and an attempt to fuse his inspirations within a single track. The result is an immersive textural experience.

‘Evaporated Emotion’ is scheduled for release 18 September via Liminal. Order a copy.


1. Evaporated Emotion
2. Raw
3. Burn Burn Burn