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Premiere: Tresque – Rauheit

Geneva-based Tresque (a.k.a experimental producer D’incise) releases the second part of his ‘Ereignisse’ release on -OUS with a three-track EP that explores the raw functionality of repetition and minimalism.

Although Tresque’s music on show here is heavily indebted to electronic genres such as techno, the producer has tapped into a kind of “acoustic dance music” energy, in the vein of Phillip Sollmann’s recent ‘Monophonie‘ album on A-Ton. The result is a record that fits perfectly on the edge of the organic and the synthetic.

The methodical plod of ‘Rauheit‘ closes the EP with a slice of heaven for the loop-fiends amongst us; Basic Channel-grade bass push forward the myriad other little sounds that hook and weave around the ears, slowly building into a tapestry. The energy of techno is here, in attitude, but the aesthetics of the instruments used paints a calmer picture than an electronic counterpart might.

‘Ereignisse (part​.​2)’ is scheduled for release 29 May via -OUS. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Hanyatlas
2. Souke
3. Rauheit