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Premiere: Valerie From The Galerie – Paradis

There is something about the summer months that attracts prime Balearic material. Coming via fresh London based imprint What About Never, ‘Tape One‘ by Valerie From The Galerie is pitched as outsider New Jersey house music, riding the line between Mr. Fingers, Soichi Terada and Burrell Bros. In translation, the album is filled with quality pastel hued and sun soaked grooves, the sort of vibe that can inject life into sun fatigued limbs for a low tempo dance floor shakedown or soundtrack poolside people watching alike.

In advance of the album’s release later this month, the label have permitted us to share the opening track ‘Paradis‘. We all know how vital an introduction is in terms of album engagement and ‘Paradis‘ absolutely nails it. You can tick off the familiar tropes of house organ stabs, whistle along melodies and sun-bright percussion, however it is delivered with a sense of retrospective whimsy that just beckons you in to enjoy ‘Tape One‘ in its entirety.

Tape One is released via What About Never on July 14th, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Paradis
2. It Don’t Worry Me
3. Hello Goodbye Hello
4. Pretentiousness
5. Trouble & Strife
6. The Razzle Dazzle
7. At the Movies
8. Hallucinations

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