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Relaxer lines up ‘Concealer’ LP on Planet Mu

Following a double LP on Avenue 66 and a mini-cassette album on Climate of Fear, New York based producer Daniel Martin-McCormick lines up his first full length as Relaxer on Planet Mu this October.

Having previously produced under the name of Ital, McCormick is no stranger to Mu, releasing his debut album ‘Hive Mind‘ in 2012 and follow up ‘Endgame‘ LP in 2014. Now the producer marks his return to Mike Paradinas’ imprint with ‘Concealer‘ LP.

Consisting of 10 tracks, ‘Concealer‘ fizzes with intricate electronics, spanning downtempo oddities and peak-time euphoria. Highlights include ‘Mello‘, ‘Narcissus By The Pool‘, ‘Island Life Ft Emile Weibel‘ and the title track.

Stated in the press release, the album cover by NY-based visual artist Bjorn Copeland is a big clue to the sound of the record. Relaxer notes that it reflects “this open, airy material squeezed and wrestled into a contorted shape, suspended in air with an empty center. That’s exactly how the album felt. In this sense I wanted to take myself out of it, to let the materials bloom into their own shape, guided by my hand but not defined by my intellect or any market concerns.”

‘Concealer’ LP is scheduled for release October via Planet Mu. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Let The Walls Drip feat. Kahee Jeong
2. Mello
3. Narcissus By The Pool
4. The Dusk Singers
5. Traps And Lures
6. Excision In Androgyne
7. Island Life feat. Emilie Weibel
8. Helical Phase Secreting
9. Twins
10. Concealer