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Bambounou: 033

"Two sides, two flavours, both fantastic."

033‘ is pure gratification. Bambounou’s return to AD 93 is decidedly more direct than his first and more abstract outing on ‘021‘, and ‘TFTT‘ is the sort of audio emission that would have you scanning across the dance floor looking to lock eyes with your mates, raising your arms in the universal ‘T’ pose sign for “TUNE“.

With those moments a distant memory in our current climate, it is pleasing to discover that ‘TFTT‘ works to the same effect while milling around your front room. The energy is infectious with a kick that is near unerring, frequently fading into what you would expect to be a break but sidestepping that entirely and whacking it back up full tilt.

Over this are layers of syncopated melody, all dropping in at precisely programmed points that make your shoulders uncontrollably twitch and head shake from side to side. While evidently techno orientated, it is absolutely imbued with the hypnotism of trance. Something that has been reflected in the glorious reflective nineties silver sleeve, looking like it is Additive or Silver Planet reborn.

Over on the flip, ‘Hale‘ feels like the sort of thing Ben UFO would drop in when he does one of those shoulder drops from busily jacking material into a no-kick roller. It is more on theme with past Bambounou material – a hard panned nagging vocal snippet licks at your eardrums, subtle pattering percussion and cosmic 303’s keep everything hushed and tense. Two sides, two flavours, both fantastic.

‘033’ is out now via AD 93. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


2. Hale