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Deeat Palace: Deeat Palace

A quick glance at the singular formats of its releases (7″ and 8″, clear and red vinyl, Japanese obi…), minutely-crafted artwork, in-house imprint designs and very limited quantity of records available is enough to understand Mind Records pound away at establishing a wholly different concept of a label – at a time when most of the other imprints try and reach a wider audience at any cost, often favouring output machine-gunning over careful fabrication and stamina.

Fresh off an excellent split of AFX-indebted electro and chopped-and-screwed rap courtesy of Crave and Lieu Noir, the Parisian label returns with Deeat Palace‘s self-titled debut. Known as a half of the Oktober Lieber duo, Marion Camy-Palou here steps up with a pair of blustery mind-benders, harnessing the power of convulsive noise strata and rogue synth waves rising from the abysses as mangled vox slivers sing a dissolute threnody by way of filthy basement anthem.

Opening up this show of entangled sine waves gone feral and raucous, hissy textures, ‘Pressure Zone‘ couldn’t don an apter title. It starts off with a pummeling techno kick, martial to the fullest, beating the pulse with industrial precision, but the limiter can’t contain the rage that steadily surfaces as a fractured valve begins letting off toxic volutes in a hazy dungeon-like atmosphere.

The doom and gloom of Camy-Palou’s sonics goes further deep on the second cut, ‘Time Flushing You‘, escorting you into a worryingly distorted corridor of sounds, walls crumbling as frequencies flicker dangerously and metallic percussions get drowned in a thick syrup of delays and echoes. An anxiogenic exit to an overall demanding but weirdly riveting listen, punk to the core and clearly aimed for the bold. Not for the faint of heart, you’ve been warned.

Deeat Palace is released via Mind Records on 16th February, pre-order a copy from BandcampArtwork by Hendrik Hengray, mastering by Alan Briand.


1. Pressure Zone
2. Time Flushing You

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