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Johnny Superglu: Rambo Village EP

Not too many out there will have Belgian label Plynt on their radar just yet. Having formerly dabbled around with dubstep and other bass-based subsets as Aecklecktrick Records, the name change to Plynt passed through in 2010 and has since brought with it an array of intriguing and often highly peculiar releases.

Plynt’s latest offering here represents something of a shift for both artist and label. Formerly a guitarist of metal orientation, Johnny Superglu has in more recent times taken to a setup of the analogue electronic variety. His prior releases on Plynt demonstrate cheerful but tweaked out electro-funk. This time he’s gone for something colder and darker, which based on this instance is certainly a step in the right direction.

Any Chi-town House heads will have their ears pricked after the first 5 seconds of lead track Red Masks. After a minute, the synth starts to do the talking as it dances over the 4 / 4 industrial clangs. It may be track names like Ice N Cold that give off such an impression, but a very glacial sound is prominent in each track. The whole EP sounds like the result of Larry Heard taking an excursion to record alone in the depths of Siberia, or an Eskimo creating Acid-House as inadvertently as Chanjarit Singh did himself.

Seemingly old habits die hard, and much like Superglu’s previous work he opts for a couple of tracks on the shorter side. Unfortunately this is where the producer slightly lets himself down. While Rambo Village Calling and Ice ‘N’ Cold may entail a neat looping groove, they can afford more time and could have thrived with the same dance-floor treatment as Red Masks and The Prince. Nonetheless, this array of tracks breathe a refreshing approach to sounds of the House-spectrum from some otherwise unfamiliar territory.

Rambo Village EP is released on 1st June 2015 via Plynt Records, order a vinyl copy from Clone.


1. Red Masks
2. Rambo Village Calling
3. Incantation Rythm Track
4. The Prince
5. Ice N Cold



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