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Baleine 3000: The Nap

This EP – or whatever you want to call it – is indicative of Vlek’s deconstructive/reconstructive spirit. The Nap is a product fusing just about every beloved vinyl-based format: Its 7 tracks gives the sense of an LP, the 20-minute duration suggests otherwise, and an 8-minute track on the entirety of the B side whiffs strongly of a 12” single.

Sunfall: Rising light on London’s festivals

With an air tight line up spanning quality across many iterations of dance music, along with a sincere pledge from its organisers to provide high-grade audio across the park, there was a strong indication you’d truly get what you paid for at Sunfall.

Jun Kamoda: The Clay EP

This is by no means a shy debut and Kamoda has clearly sought to embody the friendly, funky and hedonistic fervour of a Mister Saturday/Sunday party with three full on bangers all at peak time tempos.

Wbeeza: Expression Of Love

There’s many a good groove on this album and the quality of production is still strong, but DJs will be more appreciative for Expression of Love. Seven tracks, all of which pop at least over five-minute mark, with plenty of potential for dreamy dance-floor moments.

Sean Khan: Samba Para Florence

Both contributions on this 12” look set to lend a funkily idiosyncratic and offbeat edge to all the right dance floors.

Johnny Superglu: Rambo Village EP

Johnny Superglu’s prior releases on Plynt demonstrate cheerful but tweaked out electro-funk. This time he’s gone for something colder and darker, which based on this instance is certainly a step in the right direction.

Herbert: The Shakes

The Shakes is evidence that Herbert’s creative juices are still flowing at a great pace and the twilight of his career could be some way away. Some may disregard it for it’s zealous flirtations with mainstream pop, but this would be foolish as his sonic vitality will always overpower and turn this supposed weakness into a strength.

Glenn Astro: Throwback

Glenn Astro was coy in our interview last week on what was to come next in his career, but with such a strong body of work under his belt now he needn’t be losing too much sleep.

Glenn Astro discusses Throwback LP

Berlin based producer Glenn Astro discusses his forthcoming album ‘Throwback’ on Tartelet Records, and shares some insight into his collaborations with Max Graef and IMYRMIND.

DJ Qu: SS1

SECRET016 is a short and sweet three tracker with consistency working in tandem with variety. It certainly exhibits the work of an in-form producer who is reaching their prime right about now.

Festival Review: Bloc Weekend 2015

The success of this year has no doubt buried that weekend to forget in 2012, and has left us anxiously but still confidently hoping for a 2016.

Autre & TIYG: Machina Electra EP

Autre & TIYG’s debut is a straight and to the point deep house jam. It jumps straight in at the first bar, and doesn’t let its energy cease until the needle slips off the platter at the end.

Caribou: Our Love

It really would have been a lot to ask of Dan Snaith to produce an LP of the same calibre as ‘Swim’ but sadly “Our Love” does fall on a lower level of pedigree.

Roman Flügel: Happiness Is Happening

A highly accessible listening experience for what is an almost entirely instrumental electronic music album. One to be enjoyed by both novices and connoisseurs.