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Roman Flügel: How To Spread Lies

This year Dial Records have consistently proved their dedication in pushing the boundaries of deep house. 2010 has been the basis for some of the years most pioneering records from Efdemin, John Robert’s and Isolee. Now on the turn of the second decade of Dial Records ‘Roman Flügel’ makes a wish come true and feeds the Dial family with a 12inch of essential works, mind-blowing and totally unexpected.

His involvement with Dial is nothing new, back in the days Roman Flügel was summoned upon by Dial to play at venues such as the Golden Pudel and Phonodrome. He is now one of Germany’s biggest names on the electronic music scene. Since the early 90’s Roman Flügel has produced diverse styles of music from ambient IDM to house, techno and leftfield. He is also founder of ‘Ongaku‘, ‘Klang Elektronik’ and ‘Playhouse’ so it’s fair to say he knows a bit about music.

Flügel`s researches into sound and structure are always an overwhelming experience and ‘How To Spread Lies’ serves up four killer cuts that prove his knowledge and enormous capability, ranging from deep elegies to dark discordant bleep laden grooves.

‘How To Spread Lies (Original Mix)’ induces you with warm melodies, similar to John Robert’s piano work in ‘Glass Eights’ except in this case Flügel adds a driving beat with ecstatic keys flowing over beautifully. ‘Pattern 16’ and ‘Sunny Side Up’ offer straight up driving techno very much suited for the dance floor.

‘Pianopiano’ may be the last tune of the EP, but for me it is a perfect addition to the Dial sound aesthetic. Flugel plucks deep melodic chords on top of an icy cold soundscape much akin to industrial tundra in which wind, snow and ice rust metal into dust. ‘Pianopiano’ is the only ambient track on the EP, and is proof that Flugel can produce deeply emotive music. This is very much the darling of ‘How To Spread Lies’.

Overall Roman Flügel delivers an exceptional release on Dial, which I strongly recommend you snap up now.