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Wizard Sleeve: Beat Emporium Vol. 3

Wizard Sleeve describe themselves a “multimedia arts collective” based across London, but go on to note that if that sounds a bit pretentious they’re really just a big bunch of mates from university. What we do know is they’ve been hosting regular under-the-radar parties with a bespoke & handmade club system, presenting a bi-weekly radio show on Surrey’s KaneFM, plus curating a respectable library of guest mixes – in other words, they’re exactly the sort of fellows that we’re interested in. Fortunately for us, they’ve just released the latest installment in their free compilation series, entitled Beat Emporium Vol. 3.

Things kick off with a very mellow vibe: Theoish’s rework of Portico Quartet’s ‘Steepless’ lays the focus on Cornelia’s sultry vocals, while crew newcomer King Of Hearts takes us on a wistful sound-journey through ‘Santa’s Techno Hornpipe’. The pace quickens with The Happy Cat’s garage-infused ‘Coffee Eyes’, leading us to both Lisson and Capeface‘s harder, crystalline-sounding contributions. The free release concludes with Wizard Sleeve stalwart Bodhi Glitch‘s brooding, beat based number ‘As Quiet Can Form’.

Highly recommended: especially because you can pay as little or as much as you’d like.