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Something’s Cooking – PERLONwise

Berlin based design studio Double Standards have hinted a new release on Perlon, an underground electronic record label operated by Double Standards’ founder Chris Rehberger alongside Thomas Franzmann aka Zip and optometrist Markus Nikolai.

On February 8th Double Standards shared a photo of a stack of white cardboard shoe boxes embellished with the Perlon logo. Yesterday they created and shared a Facebook event “Something’s Cooking – PERLONwise“, scheduled to take place at the design studio in Berlin on 4th March 2016.


"... more soon ... AWRIGHT ... just this much for tonight ... 
it has SOMETHING TO DO WITH PERLON ... no further questions, please."

2016 marks 19 years of existence for Perlon, since the release of Markus Nikolai’s ‎”Rood / Say One / Just Wanna” EP, so if we had to guess about what Perlon have lined up to celebrate their 19th anniversary, we’d put our money on a beautifully presented boxset of vinyl featuring new material from the labels roster alongside a launch party / pop up shop at Double Standards studio in Berlin.

More information is being revealed…for now RSVP to their Facebook event page to keep on the pulse.