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Tickets: Arch 0.3 with Amandra, Fred Mann, Kev Sheridan, Johanna Knutsson

On Wednesday 14 October, Amandra, Fred Mann, Kev Sheridan* and Johanna Knutsson explore experimental, minimalism and avant-garde music at Prince Charles in Berlin.

UPDATE 12 October – *Kev Sheridan has stepped in to replace Perm who is unable to perform due to illness. A favourite amongst the arch team, not just for his downright addictive, cascading productions, but for his positive attitude and lovable character, Kev Sheridan will perform a brand new live set designed specifically for arch.

French born Ahrpe Records curator Amandra will present a special new live set fuelled by his love for textural synth-scapes, drone, submerged techno and the more left-field alcoves of acid, deconstructing and rearranging his sound to fit a concert setting with his hardware setup.

Hotly tipped British producer Fred Mann released his vinyl debut on Inland’s Counterchange label earlier this year, with the bell-like harmonies and cut up IDM of ‘Nacre.’ Sitting on a goldmine of unreleased material, in the studio his work gyrates between nerve-tingling washes of noise and glistening Aphex Twin-referencing electronica.

Swedish-born Berliner by-choice Johanna Knutsson is a multi-talented producer, DJ and label owner (UFO Station / Zodiac 44). Especially suited to arch thanks to her penchant for experimental, sensitive future music, check her releases on Kontra Music, Envelope Audio and Lapsus Records for more.

Arch is a series of live electronic concerts in the comfortable and responsible environment of Prince Charles in which three specially created live sets from mainstays in the European electronic scene, each transmitting their personal take on post-club ambience, experimental, minimalist and avant-garde music.

This event is limited to 100 tickets, available exclusively via Inverted Audio. First live show starts at 20:00. Please respect the current rules regarding distancing and seating arrangements. The terrace be will open all evening. The event will be documented and photographed by Jaś Miszewski.