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Traumprinz, Johannes Volk, Don Williams and E.R.P remix Efdemin

Dial present the second part of Efdemin’s Decay Versions with remixes from Traumprinz, Johannes Volk, Don Williams and E.R.P aka Convexion, scheduled for release on the 17th November 2014.

E.R.P slits open the 4/4 progression of ‘Decay‘, turning it into a broken beat brain-melter while Don Williams delivers a new version of ‘Track 93’, unleashing over-sensuous vocal fractions supported by a hefty clapping-machine and muscular bass lines. For his part, Johannes Volk slows down the pace of ‘Parallaxis’ original mix to bring the track to murkier horizons and darker soundscapes in full effect.

Last but not least, Traumprinz caps it all with an emotionally overwhelming remix of ‘Parallaxis‘. Unfolding a finely polished groove and vocals that feel like they’re levitating over a superbly orchestrated suite of chords, the man even dares to drop horn samples before rising the tracks to upper heights in pure breakbeat style for a stunning variation that definitely leaves you in awe.

‘Decay Versions Part 2’ is released on the 17th November, stream clips and order a copy on vinyl through Kompakt.



1. Decay (E.R.P Version)
2. Track 93 (Don Williams Remix)
3. Parallaxis (Johannes Volk Remix)
4. Parallaxis (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version)

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