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Music Video: Jennifer Loveless – 1.5m

Internationally, lockdown has produced great amounts of productivity amongst worldwide artists, but also stagnancy. The music video for Jennifer Loveless‘ ‘1.5m‘ manages to address both with an air of independence. Toronto born, now Melbourne-based, Jennifer Loveless’ music video ‘1.5m‘ tackles both the immobility of lockdown, and frenzied enjoyment of liberation.

Moving from a greyscale flat with smoke sitting in the mid-air, the protagonist leaps into a sprint through a ghost city before finding her dancing feet at the top of a building. Off-centre percussion gels with downtempo chord strokes in a hazy yet flushed dance pattern.

Suddenly, the protagonist becomes one of many isolated dancers, their matching choreography pinched from viral TikTok videos. The unity, but separatedness, of the dancers speak volumes of vast physical divides that nonetheless do nothing to stop a collective movement.

‘1.5m’ will be released as part of a full release in the near future. Keep your eyes on her Bandcamp.

Video Credits

Director: Gianna Mazzeo
Producer: Gabrielle Pearson
Dancers: Melissa Pham, Mishka Oehlers, Martha Berhane, Lauren Drago
Cinematographer: Jesse Gohier-Fleet
Choreography and Movement Director: Zoee Marsh
Editor: Greta Robenstone

1AD: Tim Williams
Production Design: Imogen Walsh
Stylist: Eliza McEvoy
HMUA: Banan, Beth Sturt
Choreography Assistant: Ben Scarmozzino
Gaffer: Joel Green
Drone Operator: Daniel Bolt
1AC: Lachlan Wright
Production Assistants: Gilda Jones, Lou Mac, Hayden Somerville
BTS Photographers: Greta Robenstone, Adam Ricco
Colourist: Bella Walker
Titles Design: Wei Huang
A Majella Production

Music Credits

Produced by Jennifer Loveless
Mastered by Corey Kikos