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Agency Mix: Fred Mann

To celebrate his signing to Inverted Audio Artist Agency, Fred Mann delivers a blistering hour long mix of experimental electronics, rugged IDM, pounding techno and technicolour rave, featuring four unreleased tracks from his forthcoming album (more news to follow), plus new and unreleased music from Karenn, Inland, Skee Mask, Aphex Twin and David Luciani.

“This mix is a blend of feelings. It was tempting to make it either serene or terrifying but combining the two seemed more interesting somehow, or not, you decide. It’s also Autumn, so it’s a tad wistful and forlorn, whilst not forgetting the year that has almost come to pass. It’s a real pleasure to include some unreleased tracks from some dear friends too, and some new tracks from some of my favourite producers. No guesses as to which labels I’m fond of at the moment. Enjoy.”

Fred Mann is set to perform his debut audio visual live performance in Prague, supporting Alessandro Cortini, at the sixth edition of Dietl Archive on Saturday 2 November 2019.


1. Fred Mann – MCMYK (Unreleased)
2. Bernd Kistenmacher – La Tendresse [Bureau B & MI Records versions]
3. LCC – Lb [Editions Mego]
4. Evitceles – Unease [Gin & Platonic]
5. Karenn – Lemon Dribble [Voam]
6. Fred Mann – Fuming (Unreleased)
7. Inland – Untitled (Unreleased) [Counterchange]
8. Wilted Woman – Warmer [She Rocks]
9. Walton – Depth Charge [Ilian Tape]
10. Fred Mann – Dunce (Unreleased)
11. Darqwan – Said The Spider (Surgeon mix) [Texture UK]
12. Skee Mask – Slow Music [Ilian Tape]
13. Aphex Twin – Soundlab20 [Warp Records]
14. Galaxian – Coming Up For Air [Ilian Tape]
15. Fred Mann – Tsunami Dream Again (Unreleased)
16. Davide Luciani – Why Hasn’t Everything Disappeared (Unreleased) [The Tapeworm]

Discover more about Fred Mann on Inverted Audio.