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Seekersinternational: LoversDedicationStation

Bokeh Versions debut album ‘LoversDedicationStation’ from Seekersinternational is a slightly unhinged collection of colourful things that somehow fit perfectly together. Wicked city sunshine Red Stripe slurping music!

Robert Lippok : Open Close Open

Lippok’s EP was originally released on Raster Noton back in 2001, and receives a deserved reissue on clear wax complete with an additional bonus track. Expectations of 15 year old electronic music can sometimes be low yet Flau’s tasteful choice proves excellent.

Sordid Sound System: Lux Exterior

Mixing dub with the kind of cosmic dance floor work outs you might hear at Sean Johnston and Andy Weatherall’s ‘A Love from Outer Space’, each track features a seemingly effortless piecing together of myriad ideas.

Lucy: Self Mythology

If you are looking for anything remotely resembling a dance floor work out, this is mostly not the place. But if you fancy a lysergically drenched folkloric voyage then please come in, brace yourself, and enjoy the journey.

Gradual: Ipseity

‘Ipseity’ is exactly the kind of stuff you want to hear at 4am in a darkened sweatbox with nothing but a flashing strobe and a punchy sound system – an excellent and extremely assured debut.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Garden of Delete

As baffling as it is brilliant, Garden of Delete is much like life itself: schizophrenic, beautiful, terrifying, fun, brutal and not necessarily easy to understand. And that’s what makes it such an excellent listen.

Senking: Closing Ice

If you’ve enjoyed previous Senking releases then “Closing Ice” will not disappoint. All the hallmark sounds are here, peppered with drum breaks, techy work outs and even a nod to low slung metal guitar head bang.

Waxwood: Sahasrara

Brooklyn based label, Styles Upon Styles, deliver a second offering in their Memory Foam cassette series with fellow Brooklyn-ite and mystery producer Waxwood on musical duty.

Sa Pa: Fuubutsushi

A brittle, broken audio hallucinogen – mixing the outside world with the club and creating a compelling netherworld in the process.

Journeymann Trax: Smoke Tape

The ‘Smoke Tape’ sound is as much that of floating across a late night city landscape as it is a sun dappled walk through a rain forest. It’s no easy feat to serve up these sounds in new contexts but Draino and the 1080p team deliver perfectly here.

Conforce: Presentism

If somebody were to ask you what ‘sub-aquatic’ techno sounds like, ‘Presentism’ is the direction you might point them in with the caveat that whilst it is, indeed, the sound of submerged electronics, there’s absolutely a foot on the dry and precise land of the dance floor too.

submerse: Stay Home

Stay Home ups the tempo ante from submerse’s previous release “Slow Waves”…Where Slow Waves dwelt on reminiscence, Stay Home synthesizes a hybrid of this style, juxtaposing a hip-hop instrumental back bone with busy urban life.

Max Loderbauer and Jacek Sienkiewicz: Ridges

If you were to feed Klaus Kinski potent acid then plonk him wild eyed and battered in a deep alpine ravine whilst Herzog filmed the consequences – ‘Ridges’ would aptly soundtrack the unfolding scenes.

Leandro Fresco: El Reino Invisible

For ‘El Reino Invisible’ we’re given the full Pop Ambient treatment, with a majestic sound sitting somewhere in between a demure, beat-less Ulrich Schnauss and a prolonged weepy existentialist comedown moment on a Tuesday.

Panoram: Background Story

Perfect for reclining in a big leather chair, sunning yourself on a Balearic isle or taking journeys to your very own ‘infinite levels of reality’.