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Sordid Sound System: Lux Exterior

Mixing dub with the kind of cosmic dance floor work outs you might hear at Sean Johnston and Andy Weatherall’s ‘A Love from Outer Space’, each track features a seemingly effortless piecing together of myriad ideas.

Lucy: Self Mythology

If you are looking for anything remotely resembling a dance floor work out, this is mostly not the place. But if you fancy a lysergically drenched folkloric voyage then please come in, brace yourself, and enjoy the journey.

Gradual: Ipseity

‘Ipseity’ is exactly the kind of stuff you want to hear at 4am in a darkened sweatbox with nothing but a flashing strobe and a punchy sound system – an excellent and extremely assured debut.

Oneohtrix Point Never: Garden of Delete

As baffling as it is brilliant, Garden of Delete is much like life itself: schizophrenic, beautiful, terrifying, fun, brutal and not necessarily easy to understand. And that’s what makes it such an excellent listen.

Senking: Closing Ice

If you’ve enjoyed previous Senking releases then “Closing Ice” will not disappoint. All the hallmark sounds are here, peppered with drum breaks, techy work outs and even a nod to low slung metal guitar head bang.

Waxwood: Sahasrara

Brooklyn based label, Styles Upon Styles, deliver a second offering in their Memory Foam cassette series with fellow Brooklyn-ite and mystery producer Waxwood on musical duty.

Sa Pa: Fuubutsushi

A brittle, broken audio hallucinogen – mixing the outside world with the club and creating a compelling netherworld in the process.

Journeymann Trax: Smoke Tape

The ‘Smoke Tape’ sound is as much that of floating across a late night city landscape as it is a sun dappled walk through a rain forest. It’s no easy feat to serve up these sounds in new contexts but Draino and the 1080p team deliver perfectly here.

Conforce: Presentism

If somebody were to ask you what ‘sub-aquatic’ techno sounds like, ‘Presentism’ is the direction you might point them in with the caveat that whilst it is, indeed, the sound of submerged electronics, there’s absolutely a foot on the dry and precise land of the dance floor too.

submerse: Stay Home

Stay Home ups the tempo ante from submerse’s previous release “Slow Waves”…Where Slow Waves dwelt on reminiscence, Stay Home synthesizes a hybrid of this style, juxtaposing a hip-hop instrumental back bone with busy urban life.

Max Loderbauer and Jacek Sienkiewicz: Ridges

If you were to feed Klaus Kinski potent acid then plonk him wild eyed and battered in a deep alpine ravine whilst Herzog filmed the consequences – ‘Ridges’ would aptly soundtrack the unfolding scenes.

Leandro Fresco: El Reino Invisible

For ‘El Reino Invisible’ we’re given the full Pop Ambient treatment, with a majestic sound sitting somewhere in between a demure, beat-less Ulrich Schnauss and a prolonged weepy existentialist comedown moment on a Tuesday.

Panoram: Background Story

Perfect for reclining in a big leather chair, sunning yourself on a Balearic isle or taking journeys to your very own ‘infinite levels of reality’.

Andy Stott: Faith in Strangers

As steely grey as its monochrome cover yet complimented with a lighter touch from Skidmore – “Faith in Strangers” is a bold and hugely satisfying move from an, as ever, progressive producer.

Neel: Phobos

Phobos is best consumed in one take – working far more effectively as a totality listen with each track flowing effortlessly into the next, creating more a whole movement than set of separate pieces.