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Djrum: Portrait With Firewood

Occasionally there’s an album that smacks you around the chops with its sheer brilliance. Not just a gentle slap engendering vague thoughts that you might listen to it again but rather a proper clump leaving you dizzy eyed and reaching for the replay.

Various Artists: Lost Transmissions From The Off​-​World Territories

Glasgow based Invisible Inc. celebrate their twentieth release with a proper labour of love. Not content with just compiling a selection of excellent other worldly cosmic variations,  Invisible have pulled together an impressive roster of musicians including Laraaji, Malcolm Cecil (as Tonto’s Expanding Head Band), K. Leimer and Richard Bone.

Arp: Zebra

Arp’s “Zebra” finds New York based artist and producer Alexis Georgopoulos closing the door on vocal led efforts and instead exploring a gloriously indefinable set of instrumentals.

Nathan Fake: Sunder

There is much to be said for not over producing and recording live to tape – yet regardless of the work process, it’s the final outcome that matters most and in this case it has served “Sunder” and our ears magnificently.

Bibio: Phantom Brickworks

Recently prone to immaculately produced ’80s smooth jams (The Serious EP) we must admit that it’s with a touch of trepidation that we fire up “Phantom Brickworks”, Bibio’s latest long player on Warp Records. However, true to form, Wilkinson surprises with an about turn focus on deeply pensive and emotive ambience.

John Heckle: Tone To Voice

Tone to Voice finds John Heckle in trademark futuristic analogue sci-fi form with eleven tracks spread across two twelve inches. If you’re a fan of Heckle’s dance floor orientated live sets then you’ll find plenty to enjoy here too.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: La Equidistancia

Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irrisari ’La Equidistancia’ released on Ryan Griffin’s A Strangely Isolated Place imprint is ambient of the most epic kind – with layer upon layer of undulating sound. A delicately unfurling liminal hinter world at times as cold as the cover art, at others warm and embracing.

Sordid Sound System : Fear Eats The Soul

Green Door Studio co-owner and engineer, Stuart Evans, resurfaces his Sordid Sound System moniker for another belter of an EP via Glasgow based Invisible Inc. ‘Fear Eats the Soul’ takes us on a global trip as a concept EP made of “four imaginary bands from Detroit, New York, Paris and Munich”. And the results are as rich in history as they are a satisfying listen.

Lord of the Isles: In Waves

Lord Of The Isles has turned his hand to a full length, working closely with Californian based ESP Institute to distil a wide selection of tracks from the past few years into ‘In Waves’. For a man without any academically noticeable ‘talent’ for music the resulting album is, quite simply, excellent.

Roman Flügel: All The Right Noises

With a brave title like ‘All The Right Noises’, Roman Flügel’s third album for Dial should be hitting All The Right Buttons. The good news is that after, at least, twenty listens we’ve struggled to detect a wrong noise. All of it seems very right indeed. It’s so right that we think this is likely Flügel’s best work yet.


Glaswegian experimental psych / electronic label Invisible.Inc get proper kosmiche on us with a wigged out 6 tracker from Higamos Hogomos’ Steve Webster. Containing a mixed bag of influences, SPACEROCKS skirts all manner of electronic tropes.