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Andy Stott: Faith in Strangers

As steely grey as its monochrome cover yet complimented with a lighter touch from Skidmore – “Faith in Strangers” is a bold and hugely satisfying move from an, as ever, progressive producer.

Neel: Phobos

Phobos is best consumed in one take – working far more effectively as a totality listen with each track flowing effortlessly into the next, creating more a whole movement than set of separate pieces.

Edward: Into a Better Future

Yet another clever blinder from the Giegling stable, and continued high quality work from Edward to back up an already solid discography.

Lee Gamble: KOCH

As with ‘Diversions 1994-96’ and ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ this is absolutely an album of deconstruction – stripping the genres of jungle and techno, treating them as if musical cadavers and dissecting, reconstructing.

SHXCXCHCXSH: Linear S Decoded

‘Linear S Decoded’ delivers a compelling combination of melody, dark sweat box thump with a touch of breaks, spectral sound design and, for the most, properly spelt song titles.

Submerse: Slow Waves LP

Steeped in nostalgic memories of travels in Japan and Europe, Slow Waves was written in London and serves as a hazy collection of musical mnemonics…a soporific, blunted journey through instrumental hip hop.

M.E.S.H. : Scythians EP

M.E.S.H. plays with a downright weird combination of genres that in less able hands would fall apart at the seams yet here gains multiple listens in an attempt to fathom its obscure depths.

Sculpture: Membrane Pop

Make no mistake, this is weird, wonky and intricately oblique music – yet also enormous fun that will greatly appeal to fans of KFW, Brett Naucke and all things Radiophonic psychedelic.

Rob Clouth: Clockwork Atom EP

Beautifully complex yet accessible melodies…a pretty fusion of Plaid, Autechre, Jon Hopkins and Amon Tobin. Fantastic stuff – more please. Stream clips of the EP on Inverted Audio.

Christian Löffler: Young Alaska

For all those new to his work who are fans of Traum, Kompakt and the likes of Rone, Max Cooper and the aforementioned ivory tinklers – this comes thoroughly recommended too.

Max Graef: Rivers Of The Red Planet

Delivered with such an assured confidence you’d forget Graef is barely in his twenties. Crank this up on a sunny day for maximum good times and a guaranteed smile.

Marsen Jules: Beautyfear

Somnambulant yet refined, gorgeously textured and mastered with a hefty sonic depth by Taylor Dupree, ‘Beautyfear’ is an album for late nights and quiet remote places.

John Heckle: Desolate Figures

1. Blindman’s Bluff
2. Inhuman Nature
3. Frankenstein’s Sweet Nectar
4. Love-Lies
5. Something For Your Distorted Mind
6. Death Of A Spaceman
7. Crazy Metal
8. Never With You
9. Power Of Two