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DJ Healer follows up his Christmas mix with more ‘Lostsongs’

In yet another surprise move this evening, DJ Healer aka Prime Minister of Doom shared Lostsongs Vol. 2, the follow-up to last week’s ‘Lost Lovesongs’ mix. Also clocking in at 30 minutes (with 6 songs instead of 7), this mix features more breakbeat-heavy material. This marks the first release of the year from the artist amidst intense speculation of a new album, possibly titled ‘In Search of Lost Time’, based off of the URL on the first ‘Lostsongs’ mix.

Listen to ‘Lostsongs Vol. 2’ via the Soundcloud player below.


1. Outro
2. U 4Ever
3. Depression House
4. Geister
5. Another Hiding
6. Grown

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