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Field Records mix by XDB

Our series of hosted mixes in conjunction with Dutch techno and electronica imprint Field Records continues. In a story with more twists and turns than M. Night Shyamalan has in a heavy dose of R.E.M. sleep, it transpires that last week‘s victory over Soundcloud’s copyright policy on DJ mixes was a touch hastily claimed.

Clarified this week, it seems that take-downs can still happen, however take-downs will be “far fewer” in frequency. With that in mind, we shall pretend that our crop of five Field Records mixes are some of the unlucky few and that the Inverted Audio Mixcloud channel is the saviour of all things electronic. In a saga that is proving to be more exciting than the imminent arrival of the fat festive red man, scroll down to lock in.


"It transpires that last week's victory over Soundcloud's 
copyright policy on DJ mixes was a touch hastily claimed"

This week’s mix comes from XDB, alternatively known as Kosta Athanassiadis, with a deliciously brittle selection of skeletal techno. The artist – known for releases on a wide ranging array of labels such as Dolly, Wave Music, Echocord and Ferox – assembles a selection of grey sky beats that work for body and mind in equal measure. Originally released in January 2012, have a sift through the track list below to see the quality on show.

Stay locked over the next coming week for more mixes in our Field Recordings Archive mix series.


1. Steven Porter – Untitled 1
2. Theorem – Shift
3. Imugem Orihasam – Relation
4. Delano Smith – Odyssey
5. Keith Worthy – Lost In Sound
6. Détaché – Shapes And Shadows
7. Lux – Data
8. Jakob Altmann – Hr022
9. Robert Hood – Escape
10. Md Jr – Untitled
11. Kai Alce – Dirty South Dirt
12. David Shettler – Hot Burrito 1
13. Aril Brikha – On And On
14. Monoder – Kohinnattori
15. Donato Dozzy & Nuel – Untitled
16. Imugem Orihasam – Distant Gate
17. Legowelt – U Can Fly Away

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