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Field Records mix by Mikkel Metal

Last week we embarked on a series of archived mixes centred around Dutch electronic label Field Records misadventures in the world of Soundcloud copyright. Lo and behold, a few days ago Soundcloud have announced that DJ mixes are no longer subject to the restrictions – although the struggles for artist’s control over their own creations still rolls on.

While this tectonic shift was happening, it has been reported that three busses turned up at a bus stop at once, several people have dropped their toast butter side down, and twelve people have cursed their own last name of Murphy when struck by a piece of negative inevitability. Obviously, without this series, this long awaited change would never have happened. Obviously.


"Very slow, deep and quite eclectic. I deliberately chose
to mix in and out of genres, no beat mixing at all
and mix between beat and no beat."

Still, we will plough on with the second archived mix courtesy of Danish producer Mikkel Metal, a specialist of deep and dubby soundscapes, highlighted with several appearances on Kompakt‘s Pop Ambient series and a string of releases on Echocord.

Recorded in August 2011 Mikkel Metal here weaves a deeply textural and languid journey through dub, ambient, and the spaces in-between, featuring music from To Rococo Rot, Efdemin, Kangding Ray, Boards Of Canada, Fennesz, Rhythm & Sound, Levon Vincent, Kowton, Omar S, Oneohtrix Point Never and many more.

Stay locked over the next coming week for more mixes in our Field Recordings Archive mix series.

Field Recording Archive