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Donato Dozzy & Nuel: The Aquaplano Sessions

The sessions here may seem a little rough and exploratory when compared to their most recent work, but they are an interesting curiosity in the history of the artists and the unique area of electronic music they inhabit.

Kangding Ray On Solens Arc

Kangding Ray goes into detail about his new album “Solens Arc”, discussing how his musical landscape has developed since the success of his previous album “OR” and how his new album is a direct reflection of functionality.

Francis Harris: Minutes of Sleep

Through an innovative approach to recording and production, Francis Harris has demonstrated versatility within the frameworks of house and ambient music that is seldom executed with such finesse.

Terrence Dixon: Badge Of Honor

Hot on the heels of ‘From The Far Future Pt. 2’s’ critical success, Terrence Dixon quickly accomplishes another great concept. Badge Of Honor may not be for a wide audience, but still, it portrays the Detroitian artist in his best form. Deserves careful studying.

Thug Entrancer: Death After Life

Thug Entrancer’s “Death After Life” fits comfortably alongside Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Co. catalogue, a twitching, wonky version of electronic music that flitters between chaos and order.

Machinedrum: Vapor City

1. Gunshotta
2. Infinite Us
3. Dont 1 2 Lose U
4. Center Your Love
5. Vizion
6. Rise N Fall
7. SeeSea
8. U Still Lie
9. Eyesdontlie
10. Baby Its U

Benjamin Damage: Heliosphere

1. Laika
2. 010x
3. Delirium Tremens
4. Extrusion
5. Together
6. Spirals
7. End Days
8. Light Year
9. Swarm
10. Heliopause