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Blue Daisy

Too often in electronic music, artists are lauded for their evasion of genre placement, or their ability to incorporate conventions that are allied to a wide
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Pariah: Rift

1. Rift
2. Signal Loss
3. Among Those Metal Trees

XI: Joy/Fear

1. Joy Pain Fear Hate
2. Nightlif
3. Antikythera

Fantastic Mr Fox: San’en EP

A. Pascal’s Chorus feat Alby Daniels
B. Speak Nuh
C. San’en feat Alby Daniels
D. Yesterdays Fall feat Alby Daniels

Mosca: Eva Mendes

A1 Eva Mendes
A2 Accidentally ft. Robert Owens
AA1 Murderous (Vocal)
AA2 Murderous (Dub)
DIGI Accidentally (Dub)

7even Recordings

Based in France and run by DJ and promoter Greg G, 7even Recordings has been pushing some of the more abstract and interesting permutations to come
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Jasper Patterson AKA Groundislava has remained a discreet character in LA’s electronic music sphere over recent years, fusing 8-Bit video game aesthetics and sci-fi soundscapes with
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Formed back in 2006 by ‘Mala‘, one third of the original DMZ line-up, ‘Deep Medi‘ has remained a steadfast ambassador of dubstep, releasing deeply meditative dubplates that
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LHF: Keepers Of The Light

CD 1
1. No Fixed Abode – Secret Lagoon
2. Amen Ra – Steelz
3. Amen Ra – Candy Rain
4. No Fixed Abode – Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)
5. Amen Ra – Essence Investigation
6. Double Helix – Supreme Architecture
7. Double Helix – LDN
8. Double Helix – Rush
9. Low Density Matter – Questions
10. Low Density Matter – Blue Steel
11. Amen Ra – Simple Things
12. Amen Ra – Low Maintenance

CD 2
1. No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
2. Amen Ra – From Whence We Came
3. Amen Ra – Broken Glass
4. No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
5. Amen Ra – Fairytales
6. Amen Ra – Akashic Visions
7. Amen Ra – Hidden Life Force 2
8. Double Helix – No Worries
9. Double Helix – Bass 2 Dark
10. Double Helix – Chamber Of Light
11. Double Helix – Inferno
12. Double Helix – Deep Life
13. Double Helix – Voyages
14. Amen Ra – One Toke Wonder


Peter Puzzle is a member of the Leisure System collective based in Berlin. Hosted and run by DJ N>E>D, Barker, Puzzle, & Area Boy, Leisure System operates
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Christian Andersen aka XI has crafted and evolved a sound all his own in a mix that uniquely demonstrates his highly sought after talent. A journey
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