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Peter Puzzle is a member of the Leisure System collective based in Berlin. Hosted and run by DJ N>E>D, Barker, Puzzle, & Area Boy, Leisure System operates
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Christian Andersen aka XI has crafted and evolved a sound all his own in a mix that uniquely demonstrates his highly sought after talent. A journey
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Throwing Snow

Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow is a music evangelist. Not only does he produce music as Throwing Snow, he also holds down a day job at
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DVA: Pretty Ugly

1. Reach The Sun
2. Just Vybe feat. Fatima
3. Polyphonic Dreams
4. Pretty Ugly feat. Cornelia
5. Bare Fuzz
6. Madness feat. Vikter Duplaix
7. Fire Fly feat. Zaki Ibrahim
8. Why You Do feat. AL
9. The Big Five
10. Eye Know feat. Natalie Maddix
11. 33rd Degree feat. Muhsinah
12. Where I Belong

Kodiak: Spreo Superbus

1. Spreo Superbus
2. Spreo Superbus (Actress Remix)
3. Spreo Superbus (Girl Unit Remix)


REKchampa is the moniker of Stefan Ringer, a producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Stefan produces downtempo beat driven experimental hip-hop, taking influence from a variety of
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Bwana: On & Over

1. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over
2. When There’s Nothing Left
3. Sleeping In
4. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over (XI Remix)
5. When There’s Nothing Left (Jack Dixon Remix)
6. It Ain’t Done Til It’s Over (Sibian & Faun Remix)

Nathan Fake

Nathan Fake is a producer who we here at Inverted Audio are adamant supporters of. Since discovering his debut record ‘Outhouse’ in 2003 and album ‘Drowning
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Blawan: Peaches EP

1. Peaches [Coronation]
2. Peaches [Freestyle]
3. Peaches [Melting Flesh]
4. Peaches

Milyoo: Archeology

1. Face To Face
2. Dasein
3. Field Work
4. Pulley
5. Colours
6. Tough Enough
7. Swoon
8. Down Like You
9. Get Some
10. Windows To Love