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Wolfgang Voigt

We caught up with Wolfgang Voigt to discuss his relationship with popular culture, American Abstract Expressionism, Kompakt, his various monikers and musical projects and how he
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Raised on a healthy diet of jazz, sound system culture and the golden age of sampling, Kidkanevil aka Gerard Roberts developed a distinctive downbeat sound over
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Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo is one of the few artists that can nowadays claim true originality in the music they make, offering a unique vision that since his
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The29Nov Films

The29Nov is a film company run by Kevin Paschold and Sebastian Kökow in Berlin. Since I cam across their YouTube channel whilst searching for ‘Harrier ATTK’ by Actress,
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Matthewdavid: Outmind

1. Los Angeles Is Beautiful
2. Noche y Dia / San Raphael
3. Prayers At Bedtime
4. International (feat. Dogbite)
5. Group Tea (feat. Flying Lotus)
6. Like You Mean It
7. Epic Swan
8. Floor Music (feat. Niki Randa)
9. Cucumber-Lime
10. Today, Same Way
11. Being Without You
12. No Need To Worry – Mean Too Much (Suite)

Instra:mental: Resolution 653

1. Sun Rec
2. User
3. 8
4. Waterfalls
5. Aggro Acid
6. Arc
7. Love Arp
8. Thomp
9. Talkin’ Mono
10. Rift Zone
11. Plok
12. Delta Zone (Advance)
13. Memory Implant

Ad Bourke

We caught up with Citinite’s latest addition to their family of boogie funk aficionados to discover what’s really behind Ad Bourke’s cosmic blend of hip hop.
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Rainbow Arabia: Boys & Diamonds

1. Boys and Diamonds
2. Without You

3. Nothin’ Gonna Be Undone

4. Blind

5. Papai

6. Jungle Bear

7. Hai

8. Mechanical

9. This Life Is Practise

10. Sayer

11. Sequenced

Nicolas Jaar: Space Is Only Noise

1. être
2. Colomb
3. Sunflower
4. Too many kids finding rain in the dust
5. Keep me there
6. I got a woman
7. Problems with the sun
8. Space is only noise if you can see
9. Almost fell
10. Balance her in between your eyes
11. Specters of the future
12. Trace
13. Variations
14. ^tre