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Belisha Beacon: This Is Fine

Belisha Beacon’s ‘This Is Fine’ forgoes esoteric sampling and analogue fetishism to revel in the code and wires of its creation. Instead of descending into grain tinged nostalgia or tech’d up futurism, the five track set exists in the fundamental principles of computer music – using entry level software to live code an ever shifting tapestry of minimal techno.

DFX: Relax Your Body

Trotting in at a brief twenty minutes, Ricardo Villalobos’ reworking of DFX ‘Relax Your Body’ is a perfect microcosm to demonstrate why he is one of the best executioners of minimal principles.

Stefan Betke reflects on his new Pole album ‘Wald’

8 years in the making and Stefan Betke’s new Pole album ‘Wald’ is finally released today. To celebrate we caught up with the German producer / mastering engineer to discuss the makings of his stunning new album.

Laurine Frost : A Fading Virtue By Passing Time

Frost is a producer with an ear for unusual compositions and Marionette a platform for those with ambitious vision. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year until we hear what Marionette have for us next.

So Inagawa: Integritithm

There are no surprises on Integritithm. There is just infinite, mind-boggling elegance, a finesse that knows no impeccably textured ceiling.

Svreca: Narita

While it gathers memories and emotions from Svreca’s travels to Japan, the four-tracker is a textbook example of contemporary minimal techno. Simple, yet utterly effective structures enhance every minute building up different climaxes.

Recondite on Iffy

Following the release of Recondite’s third album last month, we caught up with Lorenz Brunner to find out more about the concept behind the album, artwork, music video and relationship he has with Ame, Dixon and the rest of the Innervisions crew.

Shifted: Arrangements in Monochrome (Part 1 & 2)

Shifted’s commitment to relentless, uncompromising sound is distinct, and as these EPs prove, the results are thrilling. There is a slight sense that they’re serving as a transition to the next Shifted full length, but their clarity and intensity is a reminder of the potential still held in dark, hard, techno.