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Inverted Audio present Christopher Rau, Carsten Jost, Antepop at Zur Klappe

Following our debut residency night at Zur Klappe with Gramrcy and DJ Assam – Inverted Audio return to the intimate basement club on Friday 13 September with a deeper than deep lineup featuring Christopher Rau, Carsten Jost and Antepop.

Christopher Rau should need little introduction, having delivered our second ever podcast for the IA MIX Series, in our minds he is the very epitome of quality deep house. His determination to produce laid back grooves, steeped in mind-altering melodies has seen him release vibrant records on a plethora of labels including Smallville, Laid, Giegling, Pampa, Mule Musiq, Money $ex Records and his own imprint Dérive. We cannot wait to hear what new works and productions he has to share with us at Zur Klappe.

Carsten Jost is the production alias of David Lieske, co-founder of the highly respected imprint Dial alongside his long-time partner in crime Lawrence. Together they have forged one of the most consistent and respected record labels in the industry, boasting a family of producers including Efdemin, John Roberts, Pantha Du Prince, Roman Flügel, Portable, DJ Richard, Christian Naujoks, James K and most recently Tracey. If you need persuasion, check his timeless beauties ‘Love‘ and ‘Days Gone By‘.

Closing out the proceedings is our founder and editor-in-chief Antepop. Having played a full-throttle techno set for Beau Wanzer at Zur Klappe in June, plus an equally dynamic set ahead of Kassem Mosse at our 10 Year Anniversary there’s no limit to the scope of Antepop’s selection.

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