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Dan Shake: Out Of Sight

Soulful motor city house may seem like an odd fit, but Dan Shake’s latest is as classy and satisfying as his first.

Romare: Love Songs (Part One)

Romare’s debut EP ‘Meditations On Afrocentrism‘ seemed like a feat too impressive to repeat. Drawing musical influence largely from footwork, blues and hip hop, the collection
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Blue Daisy

Too often in electronic music, artists are lauded for their evasion of genre placement, or their ability to incorporate conventions that are allied to a wide
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Fantastic Mr Fox: San’en EP

A. Pascal’s Chorus feat Alby Daniels
B. Speak Nuh
C. San’en feat Alby Daniels
D. Yesterdays Fall feat Alby Daniels

Memotone: Lost Hours EP

1. Lost Hours
2. Four Minute Hallway feat. Leafcutter John
3. Small Good Things
4. Slowly They Creep

Blue Daisy: The Sunday Gift

1. Distance (Once Upon A Time)
2. Firewall (feat. Anneka)
3. Fallin’ (Prelude)
4. Fallin’ (feat. Heidi Vogel)
5. Descend
6. Shadow Assassins
7. Psyche Inquiry (feat. Hey!Zeus)
8. Raindance
9. Interlude
10. Only For You (feat. Stac)
11. Spinning Channels (feat. Anneka)
12. The End