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Best Albums of 2014

Vanguard, dark, excessive, fun, bold, touching, innovative, game-changing…it’s time for us to announce our album of the year.

Best Music Videos of 2014

We’ve selected a compendium of 2014’s best music videos, from delicate and hypnotic visuals to dark atmospheres, the videos we’ve selected give you a glimpse of the large range of audio-visual combinations we had the fortune to watch this year.

Best Tracks of 2014

2014 has been a year of outstanding releases. From first order, accomplished musicians to new coming talents, it’s time for us to unveil the best tracks of the year.

Roman Flügel: Happiness Is Happening

A highly accessible listening experience for what is an almost entirely instrumental electronic music album. One to be enjoyed by both novices and connoisseurs.

John Roberts: Ausio EP

Almost a year exactly after his latest instalment on Dial, the enthralling ‘Fences’, Roberts is back with one solid three track EP.

Efdemin: Decay

Sollmann has neither changed his principles nor broken the continuity of his body of work with this album. Overall, it feels like a bifurcation. A necessary one.

Carsten Jost

David Lieske reveals his production quarrels and the intricacies of running both Dial records and his Berlin based art gallery ‘Mathew’. He also discusses Dial’s relationship with White Material Records and the announcement of DJ Richard’s forthcoming solo album expected sometime this fall on Dial.