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Music Video: Nathan Micay – First Casualty

We are proud to present the music video premiere for Nathan Micay’s ‘First Casualty’ on Whities. Directed by Masha Batsea & Alex McCullough, the video winds its way along an anonymous tree-lined road, overlaying the neutral landscape with incongruous shapes and colours.

SMX & Koehler: Whities Blue 02

Following up to the first instalment of their newly launched Blue series, courtesy of Tessela and Lanark Artefax, eclectic Young Turks offshoot Whities return with another split two-track extended player from Koehler and SMX.

Minor Science: Whities 012

It’s becoming quite impossible to pin down Finlayson in terms of sonic palate. You can trace back to the roots – through dubstep, electro, jungle and techno – yet he has quickly established himself as one of those rare breed of artists – such as Call Super and Objekt – whose sound is simply Minor Science.