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Listen to a three hour mix from DJ Healer containing 35 unheard tracks

Traumprinz stays busy! Just yesterday, a new mix entitled Planet Lonely appeared from his alias DJ Healer on Soundcloud. The mix contains 35 brand new songs spread across 2 hours and 51 minutes of exploratory deep house and ambient.

While there are scant details as to the origins of the music, some of the titles, such as “hiphop experiments.,” “autodestruction.,” and “everything is everything.” and reused vocal samples suggest that these songs might be leftovers from various recording sessions or unused sketches.

Regardless of what they may suggest, they still form a fantastic, cohesive body of work and a long-form journey of the highest order. Check out the track list attached to the mix below.

planet lonely
– – – — — —–*
whereever u are.
i got to hit the streets.
the blue.
ta reine.
familiar light.
hiphop experiments.
everything is everything.
base sweep.
run from.
head in the clouds.
sweet bye and bye.
piano poem.
a view from above.
time goes by.
geminiden regen.
end of the world.
interior renovations.
where the place for me was.
meaningless space.
come closer.
a lot of freedom.
loosing touch.
i’m alright.
find me peace.
back home.

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