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Premiere: Amandra & Karim – Sqala 4.2 (Natural/Electronic.System Remix)

Moroccan deep techno stalwarts Tikita have deservedly stirred up a storm with their next release; their most expansive project to date, a double 12-inch pack containing two original percussive tracks from Amandra and Tikita founder Karim, alongside a brace of remixes from the kinds of names that, together under one roof, will raise your pulse.

With Dorisburg, Donato Dozzy, Forest Drive West and Natural/Electronic.System sitting across the double pack, this record is a bit of a no-brainer for anyone into deep frequencies, from any genre, with something a little different on offer on each side. With A-side roller ‘Scala 3‘ seeing action from Dozzy, Dorisburg and Forest Drive West, the shifting rhythms of ‘Sqala 4.2‘ is left in the capable hands of Italian duo Natural/Electronic.System.

The pair have already proven themselves several times over on Tikita’s turf, with a handful of acclaimed releases on the Casablancan label. For this remix, the duo work their psychedelic body-moving magic once more, turning in another trademark stunner of organic hypnotism that seems to enshroud the listener, echoing percussion circling about the ears until, all too soon, it’s over. This track, and indeed the whole record, has been on constant rotation at Inverted Audio — don’t miss out.

‘Sqala’ EP is scheduled for release 19 February via Tikita. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Sqala 3
2. Sqala 3 (Donato Dozzy remix)
3. Sqala 4.2
4. Sqala 3 (Dorisburg remix)
5. Sqala 3 (Forest Drive West remix)
6. Sqala 4.2 (Natural/Electronic.System. remix)