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Premiere: W – Motorcade

Broad-spectrum Italian record label A Flooded Need welcome Finnish experimental producer W (aka Eero Pulkkinen) for their fifth release ‘Maanpinna‘ EP.

The imprints open-minded approach to releasing is self-evident throughout this release. A veering collection of unstable ambient music, roughly shaped into songs whilst retaining its distinct, morpheus form, ‘Maanpinna‘ is a murmuration of muted frequencies and sonic art without pretension.

Late highlight of the release ‘Motorcade‘ describes the EP as a whole better than words can hope to achieve on their own. From the fuzzed-out and shapeless instruments to the swells of resonance that surge up at the will of some unknown entity, ‘Motorcade‘ is a strange, strange ride, yet one which guides the listener with a firm hand — one familiar with its uncanny turns and subtle slides.

‘Maanpinna’ is scheduled for release 26 January via A Flooded Need. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Terrace House
2. Enten
3. Half-Mast
4. Un I
5. Motorcade
6. Maanpinna