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Premiere: Watch Gonno play at Boiler Room’s 5th Birthday in Tokyo

No entity embodies the size ten stamping on the embers of old media – that of traditional radio and commercial licensed releases – than the rise of Boiler Room.

In a short space of time, Boiler Room has emerged as the standard bearer of underground dance music. Its significance is akin to the first ‘Renaissance‘ and ‘Journeys by DJ‘ mixtapes that brought the sounds of the club to stereos nationwide, by further peering around the curtain that shrouds intangible and revered night-life events by slapping a camera in front of a DJ and crowd.

Whether it is showcasing the biggest talent on the most premium of stages or the unique and unheard in intimate settings – not too far from its roots of broadcasting house party mixes in the most DIY fly on the wall style possible – those two encircled words now signify a stamp of quality.

With their 5th year anniversary upon them, their celebration was ably assisted by an artist who has been a rising star over 2015. Japanese artist Gonno first came to prominence when given the nod of approval by esteemed selectors Andrew Weatherall and Call Super – with the particular track in question being the stellar Acdise #2 on the also impressive International Feel – and recently enjoyed tremendous success with the follow up ‘A Life In Clarinet‘ EP and the ‘Remember The Life Is Beautiful‘ long player, the latter of which is arguably one of the best house albums of the year.

We are proud to reveal the set in its entirety from an artist who drifts from classic nineties house through deep analogue techno into emotional electronic with effortless ease, stepping between moods where lesser people would spend a lifetime blinkered into mastering just one.

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